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Jefferson Ave. and Dodge St.In the spring of 1988, Pilot Field, a new baseball stadium built in downtown Buffalo, became the home of the AAA Buffalo Bisons baseball team, leaving War Memorial Stadium vacant, without a major tenant, once again. Soon afterward, the Rockpile had one more visitor, the wrecking ball. A new amateur athletic facility was built on the site of the demolished stadium. All that would remain of the once dominating structure at Jefferson Avenue and Best Street would be the huge, concrete entrances at the north and south ends of the site, at Jefferson Avenue.

Dodge Street tunnel entrance

The entrances to the stadium are all that remain to trigger memories of the Old Rockpile. Not too many people were sad to see her go. 

She had more than outlived her use as a sporting arena, as her better days were way behind her. Even though she was outdated long before she had ceased to operate as a functioning stadium, the Old Rockpile still brought us who were lucky enough to attend an event inside her old, brown, concrete walls, some lasting and fond memories.
  upper deck ramp

Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs Hollywood came to Buffalo and the Rockpile in 1983 as the movie, The Natural, was filmed on location there.

Professional baseball returned to Buffalo and the Old Rockpile in 1979, after a nine year absence.

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