In the beginning the Old Rockpile looked like this, an oval bowl that seated 35,000 people. Later a steel, horseshoe shaped awning was added that would cover 2/3 of the stadium, leaving only the bleachers (the easternmost seating along Jefferson Ave.) exposed.

construction of the upper deck

During the mid sixties, an upper deck was added to the northern (Dodge St.) sidelines, expanding The Old Rockpile's seating capacity to 46,201. This upper deck expansion gave the Rockpile an awkward, hodge-podge look, that most folks remember it by.

Jefferson and Best looking west

Although not one of the prettiest stadiums in the world, the Rockpile's awkward configuration, considered an eyesore to some, also gave the stadium a unique character that made it, truly one of a kind. Once inside the Rockpile, one had a feeling of being at home. Although she was old, cramped and falling apart, the Rockpile was also cozy and comfortable, a feeling that the sterilized stadiums of the future could never seem to capture.

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