Boarding Platforms

April 1985The boarding platforms were either the first or the last thing a rail passenger would see as they embarked or disembarked on a train at the Central Terminal. This photo at right was taken in 1985 and from this angle, except for the obvious lack of trains in the picture, one could mistake this shot as being one of an actual, working train station. Man and mother nature had not yet taken it's toll  on the boarding platforms. This shot is one of my favorites because it's the one that when viewing it, we can get a sense of what it must have looked like when standing on the platform, when the Central Terminal was in use as a working train station.

April 1985

This shot at left was taken at the same time as the previous shot. As you can see, some of the tracks, which are long gone now, are still in place. At the right we see a doorway. Notice the words painted directly above the doorway, "TO STATION." This doorway leads to one of the many ramps leading to the train concourse, which is the elevated section at the top left of the photo. Also at the top left we can see a good view of the exterior of one of the ramps.

January 1988

At right is a shot taken in 1988. The rails have been removed, scrap hunters, vandals and nature have begun to take back what ever has been left behind. At the right of the photo, in the shadows, we can barely make out one of the stairwells that lead up to the train concourse overhead.

Miscellaneous Photos