Miscellaneous Photos

April 1985 This is a shot taken in April of 1985 of the mail and baggage area of the terminal. This is the closest we got that day to getting inside the main building.


April 1985

This shot was taken through a window from inside the baggage and mail room the same day as the photo above.

April 1985

Here is a shot taken of the tower from Curtiss Street.


Another shot of the boarding platform taken from the 1985 visit.

March 1987

Ramp entrance at the boarding platform, March 1987. Note the gray, rectangular area in the center of the photo against the wall of the main building. This is where the overhead walkway used to be that connected the main building with the concourse and boarding platforms.

February 1989

This apocalyptic looking photo at right is of the freight building that is just south of the Central Terminal complex.

March 1991

This is an interesting photo at left. It is of a narrow walkway that runs in between the huge leaded glass windows that illuminate the main atrium of the Central Terminal building. It is from here that each window could be opened or closed individually, to let fresh air into the terminal and regulate the temperature. This was in the days before central air conditioning.

A souvenir of my Dyngus Day excursion to the Central Terminal in 1988.

Charles J. Maley Photography