Connecting the train concourse with the boarding platforms were a series of ramps and stairwells which resembled what one would see as gates at an airport today. The ramps led down to the passenger boarding platforms, while the stairwells were reserved for the railroad employees, as they led to the locomotive at the front of the train. Looking at the top center of this photo you can see one of the long ramps descending downward, towards the passenger boarding platform. In the near center we see a horseshoe shaped wall, this is the stairwell. As you can see there were also many windows that let in natural light and the walls were covered in a yellow ceramic tile. This gave the ramps a warm, welcoming feeling, even on a cold wintery day.

Both of these shots were taken in April of 1985.


This shot depicts a view from one of the many windows that line the ramps leading from the train concourse to the boarding platforms.

Boarding Platforms