Train Concourse

1985The main part of the Central Terminal was connected to the train concourse by an enclosed second story walkway spanning the beltline below it. The beltline was used as a freight and passenger line that circled the city of Buffalo during the later part of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. The beltline is used strictly for freight today. This line was also used as the boarding area for V. I. P.'s.  The walkway was demolished, soon after the terminal's closing as a working train station in 1979. This was done for two reasons, the main reason being that the train concourse is easily accessible from the outside and would have been virtually impossible to close off to trespassers, thus the main part of the terminal would have also been accessible to trespassers. Furthermore, the beltline was now owned by Conrail which wanted to use the line to transport double stacked, inter module freight, meaning that the clearance of the walkway was too low. The demolishing of the walkway literally turned the Central Terminal into two separate structures, the main concourse and tower, and the train concourse and boarding platforms.

The photo at left was taken in April of 1985.


The photo at right was also taken in April of 1985. Already the toll on the structure due to the constant exposure to the outside elements is visible.

The Ramp